Summer Researcher Emily Hulley

Emily Hulley is just completing her second summer working in the lab on whitefish morphometrics.  Returning students are always a great addition to the lab because they come with existing lab skills and help with the training of the new students experiencing research for the first time.  Emily worked with Chris Thome and Charles Mitz over the last two summers and as she returns to University of Guelph for her last year, we wish her the best in completing her degree and graduating.  Here she describes her summer research.

Emily Hulley, Fourth year Bsc.  Honours Marine and Freshwater Biology student, University of Guelph

I have been studying the effects that formalin and ethanol preservation techniques on the morphometrics and weights of whitefish hatchlings and eggs. I have also been assisting in the research of various chemical, thermal and radiation stressors on the development of whitefish through imaging and morphometrics. Lastly, I’ve been working with cell culturing rainbow trout gonad cell lines (RTG-2 cells) to investigate the different effects that radiation and thermal stressors have on cell survival. 
Outside of the lab, I spend most of my time outdoors hiking/camping, with friends or playing with my kitten.

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